Monday, August 26, 2013

A Night in the Snow or, A Struggle For Life  -  1866
Rev. E. Donald Carr
68 pages
genre  -  Memoir
my rating  -  4 out of 5 stars

On the afternoon of January 29th, the Rev. E. Donald Carr begins his 4-mile walk home after conducting a service in the village of Ratlinghope. It had been snowing heavily, but since he had walked this way nearly 2500 times, Carr admits he thought that he would have no difficulty finding his way.

Rev. Carr begins his story describing the terrain of Long Mynd, Shropshire England so that we understand what type of obstacles he would have to cross. He says that "the aspect of the south-eastern or Stretton side [of Long Mynd mountain] is wild in the extreme, the whole face of the mountain being broken up into deep ravines, with precipitous sides, where purple rocks project boldly through the turf".

Rev. Carr tells his story quite calmly. I was amazed at how coolly he talked about frost bite and snow blindness. He describes crawling through snow drifts, falling down numerous hillsides, the gales literally blowing him off his feet and "masses of ice (that) developed into a long crystal beard." Rev. Carr's endurance was astounding.

Considering that this story was published 147 years ago, it was remarkably easy to read. The only formatting problem I saw was page numbers in the middle of sentences of Amazon's ebook. Luckily this only happens 6 times. Very interesting story. Would make a wonderful movie.

About the author  -

Edmund Donald Carr, B.A. Emmanuel College, Cambridge.  Rector of Woolstaston 1865-1900.  Died June, 1900.

For more information on this beautiful area of England, and for more information on Rev. Carr, check out this website:

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