Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Books and I  -  1917
Edgar Guest
genre  -  poetry
3 stanzas  -  24 lines
my rating  -  3 out of 5 stars

What authors or books do you reach for when you are in a particular mood?  There have been times when I stand in front of my bookshelf for a few moments contemplating my choices and my state of mind.  I definitely have my favorites that I turn to in those times.

In his book of poetry called Just Folks, Edgar Guest shares his go-to authors:

"Just suited for my merry moods
     When I am wont to play.
______   ______ comes down to joke with me..."

"When I am in a thoughtful mood,
     With __________________ I sit..."

"And should my soul be torn with grief
     Upon my shelf I find
A little volume, torn and thumbled,
     For comfort just designed.
I take ____  ________   ________ down..."

How would you fill in those blanks?

About the author  - 
Edgar Albert Guest was born on the 20th of August 1881, in Birmingham, England.

In 1891, Guest came with his family to the United States from England. After he began at the Detroit Free Press as a copy boy and then a reporter, his first poem appeared 11 December 1898. He became a naturalized citizen in 1902.

From his first published work in the Detroit Free Press until his death in 1959, Guest penned some 11,000 poems which were syndicated in some 300 newspapers and collected in more than 20 books.

Guest was made Poet Laureate of Michigan, the only poet to have been awarded the title.

His popularity led to a weekly Detroit radio show which he hosted from 1931 until 1942, followed by a 1951 NBC television series, A Guest in Your Home.

Guest died on August 5th, 1959.   He was buried in Detroit's Woodlawn Cemetery.

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