Friday, November 29, 2013

Wired Love A Romance of Dots and Dashes  -  1880
Ella Cheever Thayer
173 pages
genre  -  Romance
my rating  -  4 out of 5 stars

19-year-old Miss Nathalie Rogers, "...or Nattie, as she was usually abbreviated..." was at work one afternoon at a telegraph office when " a noise caused her to lay aside her book, and jump up hastily, exclaiming, 'Somebody always 'calls' me in the middle of every entertaining chapter!'"

The operator signaling the other end of the wire was incredibly fast, and quite rude.  But funny, and interesting, and a man, too, if Nattie's not mistaken.  They quickly strike up a friendship.  

What follows is a wonderfully cute romance, with a certain amount of comedy of errors.  The supporting characters were well fleshed out.  There were a number of times I chuckled out loud at the antics of Quimby.  

This story could easily have been written recently with the two people meeting online.  It's amazing how times really don't change, just circumstances.

My favorite line in the book:  "There certainly is something romantic in talking to a mysterious person, unseen, and miles away!"

About the author  -

I couldn't find much about this author.

Ella Cheever Thayer (September 14, 1849 – 1925) was a playwright and novelist.  She was a former telegraph operator at the Brunswick Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts.

Thayer was a resident of Saugus, Massachusetts.

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